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Pacific Parrotlets

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Last update 05/20/15

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Availability Status: Pair on eggs.

Price: $175-$195

Pacific parrotlets are known as the little bird with the big personality. Their closest relative is the amazon parrot. They are beautiful, bold, feisty and affectionate. They love to cuddle up under your hair or just hang out on your shoulder supervising the daily activities. Their small size and quiet voices make them perfect for homes where noise and/or space is an issue.

They are very active and intelligent. They should have a variety of toys and daily hands-on interaction with their people. They should be kept in the part of the home where most of the activity is so they can be part of the action. Parrotlets make nice family pets as they will interact with multiple people if handled on a regular basis.

Our pet parrotlet, named Avocado, is a real cutie! He charms everyone with his friendly personality. He's also a very good talker and mimic. He coughs like me, beeps like the microwave, gives loud kisses, imitates the birds outside (as well as any babies I am handfeeding), and has quite a vocabulary. He is also very affectionate. When we spend quiet time together, he puffs up his head feathers, rubs his cheek against mine and gives kisses. Many people are surprised that such a little bird can have so much personality. A few have even purchased a parrotlet of their own after meeting Avocado.

Our parrotlet babies are weaned to a quality pellet based diet with the addition of seed, fresh vegetables, fruit, cook n' serve mixes, sprouts (our birds love sprouts!), millet spray, etc.

Our babies are played with and socialized every day to bring out their individual personalities and natural curiosity. It's not unusual for me to walk around with 6+ parrotlets all cuddled up under my hair! We also encourage independent play by providing lots of toys and time out on our play area. We have the nicest parrotlets around!

All of our parrotlets come with a hatch certificate, bird care information and written health guarantee. We take pride in our birds and it shows! Check out our customer comments page to read what others have had to say.

Once a baby is reserved, we send updates and pictures so you can watch your little one grow! We care about the babies we raise and want the best for them and their new owners. We provide full support after the sale. Have a question? We are just an email or phone call away.

Go to our customer photos page to see some of our babies enjoying their new homes!

Please contact us for more information on these little dynamos!

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